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Micro-job Marketing on Jobsx5

micro marketing notaJobsx5 is a marketplace where you can start your own business offering micro-jobs to the Spanish speaking countries. And best of all, you can start without any initial investment. Marketing in Jobsx5 follows the general rules of common Marketing.


Product– It is your micro-job. It’s what you offer and the way you deliver and communicate. You can even define your product as basic and add options to it, so, for instance, the basic micro-job/product could be sold in $5 but you offer more options, this way people can buy a more complex and expensive version of your product. Of course, Jobsx5 is an open market so you should think about your competence and about what makes you different from them. If your product is complete and different, you’ll be more successful. Remember to define your micro-job based on the benefits it offers to people and always try to include an emotional component on the description; it is the first basic rule on Marketing on Jobsx5.


Price– Although Jobsx5 is expecting you to sell micro-jobs for $5, you are free to put the price from $5 to $50 dollars you want on multiples of 5. When you add a job you can put the price and additional options to it.
We are talking about a Marketplace here, so remember price will have an important impact in your strategy and profitability, always base on the supply and demand law: the cheaper you sell the more clients and sales you will get. If your product is expensive you will have fewer customers, but more money for each transaction you get. Of course, this depends on how much different your products is from others; if your product is actually different and better than others, surely you will be able to have an upper price, but if your micro-job is equal to any other, then you will have to compete with price. An additional consideration is the “perceived value” if people think the value of your job is more than the price you’re offering it for, you will be surely very successful, but if the perceived value is less than the price you are offering your micro-job to people, it will be very hard for you to get customers.


Promotion and Advertising.- On Jobs there are two levels of advertising, the one the same site makes on its own and the one you make. The site will appear on organic and paid internet search, this way, when people are searching on the internet there is a good chance they find a Jobsx5 list. The other level is the one you make advertising your micro-job on social webs, or with your circle of friends; if you are creative enough you will have more chances to have people to know what you do and to share your posts, so more people will see your micro-jobs and will buy on Jobsx5.


Distribution– According to traditional marketing, it defines the sales points and how you take the products to those sales points, however, on the electronic business model of Jobsx5, distribution is global and immediate, since the website reaches a worldwide market, in Spanish and English because the website publishes each micro-job automatically in 2 languages allowing the sellers to reach more customers. It means a massive distribution, if you are for instance, a designer, how much effort would take to reach clients in Latin America to offer your services? On Jobsx5 that’s automatically included. Sellers on Jobsx5 are automatically global sellers; they can export and generate income from many countries in the world.


Marketing on Jobsx5 is simpler than if you had to make it on your own but you have to work on your part defining your micro-job, establishing a competitive price and advertising it with the people you know, Jobsx5 can be the perfect complement and be part of your team to get success.

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