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How does it work ?

 Jobsx5 Micro-job Site - How does it work?

Jobsx5 is an Internet site that connects people who want to sell their micro-jobs or services to people interested in hiring them. For the sake of simplicity, we call them “jobs” or “services” in the site, but they are actually “micro-jobs” because they are sold at very affordable prices starting at $5 dollars and varying at $5 dollar increments, and because are delivered quickly.

Micro-job Site for Freelancers

Jobsx5 specializes in promoting freelancers who want to sell their jobs or services from Mexico, Latin America or Spain, and can deliver jobs in Spanish or in Spanish and English and are promoting their offering among Buying Users in Latin America, Spain and United States. The United States market needs affordable job suppliers, and Selling Users from Spanish-speaking countries can offer these jobs for fees that are very attractive to US Buying Users. Obviously, the fees are also attractive to Buying Users in those same Spanish-speaking countries.

Micro-job Site for Mexico, Latin America, and the Hispanic Market in the United States

Every time a supplier or Selling User uploads and publishes an offer on the site, our auto-translation system shows it in Spanish and English. This opens the doors for Buying Users in the United States who want to hire freelancers in Mexico, Latin America or Spain because they can read offerings in their own language and engage more readily. Additionally, Buying Users in Mexico, Latin America and Spain, can do the same in their language. Using the Jobsx5 Micro-jobs Site All you have to do to use the site is open an account. It’s free. A few notes of interest:
  • The site only receives payments through PayPal and/or PayU, with the credit cards or payment methods they accept and have available in each country.
  • When a Buying User buys a job or service and pays for it, the funds are deposited in a temporary account in PayPal or PayU, where they remain until the job is completed. Buying Users pay at the time they hire. Selling Users only get their money when their clients are satisfied with the job and indicate it has been completed. This arrangement guarantees that jobs or services must be completed before Selling Users receive payment.
  • Selling Users need a PayPal and PayU account, because once a Buying User accepts a job, Jobsx5 will transfer the money due to the Selling User’s account in PayPal or PayU, depending on which payment method the Buying User used.
  • If you like, you can check our terms and conditions here.
  • If you’d like to sign up, do it here.
Good luck!