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How to buy
Why do we call them “micro-jobs”? The idea behind Jobsx5 is that services or micro-jobs should be easy to offer, easy to buy, easy to sell and quickly delivered. That is why the site focuses on micro-jobs that can be bought and sold for amounts ranging from $5 to $50 dollars. Of course, users can buy and sell for larger amounts, but these transactions will usually involve aggregate micro-jobs or services sold individually for $5 and up to $50 dollars.

How to buy a micro-job in Jobsx5

Follow these steps:
  1. Sign up on the site and create an account.
  2. Look for the job you need screening by category, location and other criteria
  3. Choose the Selling User with the offering that’s best for you
  4. If you have any questions, you can contact the Selling User before buying and clarify any questions you have.
  5. Once you are sure that a Selling User is offering what you need, place your order.
  6. Pay online using your credit card or any other method of payment accepted by PayPal or PayU
  7. The Selling User will contact you for more information or to ask questions or to confirm that everything is in order to start the job.
  8. When the job is complete you will receive confirmation
  9. Access your account and review the job. If it’s satisfactory, accept it as completed so that Jobsx5 can transfer your payment to the Selling User; if you have any observations share them with the Selling User so they can be addressed and you can receive and approve the job.
  • You can pay with your credit card or any additional payment method accepted by PayPal and PayU.
  • Selling Users do not receive any money until you are satisfied with the service.
  • Make sure you clearly understand the terms of the service the Selling User offers to avoid surprises
  • If you have any questions, you can check our “Terms and Conditions” or “FAQ”
Good luck!