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How to sell

How can I sell my work on the Internet?

Use Jobsx5 as a platform to sell services and micro-jobs to Buying Users all over the world. Jobsx5 specializes in promoting freelancers in Mexico, Latin America or Spain, who can deliver micro-jobs in Spanish, or in Spanish and English among Buying Users in Latin America, Spain and United States.
Why do we call them “micro-jobs”?
The idea behind Jobsx5 is that services or micro-jobs should be easy to offer, easy to buy, easy to sell and quickly delivered. That’s why the site focuses on micro-jobs that can be bought and sold for amounts ranging from $5 to $50 dollars. Of course, users can buy and sell for larger amounts, but transactions will usually involve aggregate micro-jobs or services sold individually for $5 and up to $50 dollars.
Micro-jobs in Both Languages
The site has an auto-translation system so that the micro-jobs you publish in Spanish appear in English as well. This opens the doors to Buying Users in the United States who want to reach Hispanic markets in the United States, Latin America and Spain, so they can hire you in their own language.

How do I sell my work on the Internet? … Using Jobsx5… Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up at the site and create an account. Registration is free.
  2. Create the micro-job you want to offer and include it in the appropriate category. You can create as many micro-jobs as you want.
  3. Create as many jobs as you like. Creating and publishing jobs in Jobsx5 is free of charge. You can publish for free.
  4. When you input information about your micro-job describe what you offer carefully. Be clear about the scope. Specify what is included and what is not.
  5. Enrich your offering with explanatory images and videos you already have on YouTube.
  6. Set the price for your job. You can offer jobs starting at $5 dollars or more. Prices are always established in multiples of $5.
  7. Configure additional options for the basic job so your clients can place a larger order or buy a more complete service or job, and you can sell more. Every extra option accounts for an additional price that is added to the purchase.
  8. If you want your job to stand out, you can pay a very small fee and Jobsx5 will highlight your listing.
  9. Promote your offering in social media, with friends and acquaintances, who will spread the word so you can get hired by more and more clients.
  10. Stay posted on everything that comes into your mail through Jobsx5, because your potential clients will use the site to contact you for questions about your job.
  11. Anytime there is something new in your account, Jobsx5 will send you an email notification. Make sure you register Jobsx5 as a safe source so these notifications don’t end up in the SPAM bin.
  12. When you get an order, process it quickly. Remember we have strict terms and conditions regarding delivery because we always want to provide good service to the people who buy at our site.
  13. Any job you deliver has to be approved by your Buying User. If they have any questions or feel something is missing, they will surely contact you. Respond promptly. If they don’t contact you, approve or provide feedback after you deliver, send them a message.
  14. Once the job has been approved, Jobsx5 will make you a deposit for the price of the job minus a commission.
  15. You will need a PayPal or PayU account, which is where Jobsx5 will deposit the amounts collected for the micro-jobs you deliver to your Buying Users.
  16. When you get an order for a micro-job, contact the Buying User to request more information or ask questions or to confirm that you have everything you need to start the job.
  17. Once the job is complete, indicate it that way so the system can notify the Buying User.
  18. Remember:
  • The site only receives payments through PayPal and/or PayU.
  • When the Buying User buys, funds are deposited in a temporary PayPal or PayU account where they remain until you finish the job. Selling Users receive their money only when their clients are satisfied with the job and indicate it has been completed.
  • You need a PayPal and a PayU account because once your Buying Users accept your job Jobsx5 will transfer the funds you are due to your PayPal or PayU account.
  • You will be paid via PayPal or PayU depending on which system your Buying Users use, so you’ll need an account on both. You can open a PayPal account here, and your PayU account here.
How do I sell my work on Internet?
… First of all you need to sign up, then you can publish a micro-job, promote it on social networks and just wait for orders to come in… Good luck!