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Manual to learn to speak in public. Communication techniques.

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Manual to learn to speak Spanish p√∫blico.En. Communication techniques in pdf. 73 pages. It includes practical exercises. Prepared by me, professional degree in journalism and audiovisual communication With more than 10 years of experience. Interpersonal communication Index: credibility and resources for the preparation of speech Introduction to communication. Communication: basic elements. The audience auditorium we headed towards psychological elements and environmental Appropriateness to the subject and the audience Communicate with hostile public intervention: preparation, development and analysis. Objectives and core contents Introduction Relations with half the: how persuasive speech The speech forms Emphasize Preparation of speech Main problems in preparing the speech's Conclusion speech Rules mnemonic Time Control intervention in the media is made the radio communication intervention intervention in informative TV Tools: press conferences , press releases, statements, interviews, press conference debates Advisory statements the interview and discussion


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