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MEXICANA DE APLICACIONES Y CAPACITACIÓN S.A DE C.V. operating through the website called JOBSX5, hereinafter referred to as JOBSX5, with address in MEXICO, FEDERAL DISTRICT, is responsible for the safekeeping and confidentiality of information submitted; thus, it discloses PRIVACY NOTICE OF JOBSX5.


INFORMATION GATHERED Processing of personal data will be limited exclusively to compliance with that foreseen in this notice, as well as for other purposes deemed compatible or analogue to those set forth in it. Information gathered will be processed for commercial purposes inherent to the corporate object of JOBSX5, consisting of: Website acting as liaison between sellers and buyers of micro-jobs. Micro-jobs may be virtual or physical and may include products sold through the site and then delivered by the seller to the buyer, through a "marketplace" of "virtual job opportunities", to which sellers (suppliers) and buyers (clients) subscribe. Sellers/suppliers of services register in the site and publish the micro-job(s), the service or services they render, so that they may be classified by categories in the site catalog. This activity creates economic value since it channels work to people who can work from home, during their spare time or full time and, usually, virtually. It is an international market where people from different countries may perform "freelance" type micro-jobs and sell them through the site to clients anywhere. Personal information used is name, date of birth, nationality, profession, activity or line of business, address, residence, location, telephone numbers, e-mail address, social media accounts, civil status, bank account statement and, in general, information used as reference for commercial purposes by JOBSX5. If complaints should arise, such information shall be used for statistical purposes and for the corresponding internal areas of JOBSX5, to give personalized reply to complaints. Personal information is name, telephone numbers, e-mail address. Such information will be recorded in the corresponding database, in order to reply to such complaints and for statistical purposes. JOBSX5, will not gather sensitive personal information affecting the most intimate sphere of the holder, such as racial or ethnic origin, current or future state of health, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, trade union affiliation, political opinion and sexual preferences. Holder entitles JOBSX5, to transfer personal data to third parties, national or foreign, different from that in charge of it. The above, in the understanding that it should inform them about the privacy notice and purposes to which holder subject their processing. Agreement of the holder will not be necessary whenever: transfer is contemplated in a Law or Treaty in which the country where the operation takes place took part; transfer is necessary for medical prevention or diagnosis; rendering of sanitary assistance, medical treatment or management of sanitary services; transfer is made by controlling, subsidiary or affiliate companies under common control of the accountable party, or to a head office corporation or any other corporation of the same group of the one accountable operating under the same processes and internal policies; transfer is necessary by virtue of agreement entered or to be entered in the interest of holder, by the accountable party and a third party; transfer is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of public interest, or for law enforcement or administration; transfer is precise for recognition, exercising or defense of a right during judiciary process and, in general, whenever transfer is required for maintenance or compliance with legal relation between the accountable party and the holder.


VALIDITY OF INFORMATION Information gathered, will be saved for 12 months after conclusion, resolution or termination of the agreement giving rise to it, between the holder of information and JOBSX5. With respect to INFORMATION FOR THE PROCESSING OF COMPLAINTS, it will be debugged every 6 months.


PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION Holder of personal data is entitled to have Access and Correct his/her personal data at any time, as well as to Oppose to processing thereof or Cancel agreement granted to us for such purpose, through the following procedures:
  1. In order to exercise his right to access, correction, canceling and opposition, he should submit request in writing to the following address: Manuel M. Ponce 25, Cd. Satélite, Naucalpan, Estado de México, 53100, México; or via e-mail to, to: PERSONAL INFORMATION AREA JOBSX5  This area shall be also in charge of taking care of denial requests to process personal data as well as revoking of consent for processing of such data.Written request should be submitted, prepared as per articles 29 of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of a Person; as well as articles 89 and 90 of Regulations of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of a Person, under the following terms:
A) DOCUMENT OR REQUEST FOR ACCESS, CORRECTION, CANCELING OR OPPOSITION Request for access, correction, canceling or opposition should include or include the following as attachment:
  1. Name of the holder and address or any other way to communicate reply to his/her request;
  2. Documents proving identity or, if so is the case, legal representation of holder;
  3. Clear and precise description of personal data with respect to which intention exists to exercise any of the above mentioned rights, and
  4. Any other item or document that makes location of personal data easier.
Moreover, electronic documents are also admissible provided they allow for authentic identification of holder, or other authentication mechanisms authorized by other legal or regulatory provisions, or those set by the accountable party in advance. The use of advanced electronic signature or the electronic instrument used in its place may be used instead of copy of the identification document, and Exercise of rights mentioned in this item for underage or elderly people who might be subject to interdiction, or disability set by law, will be as per representation rules of the Federal Civil Code of the United Mexican States. B) FORM EXAMINATION. If once gathered, information meets requirements set forth in this privacy notice, as well as legal provisions as per applicable Law, the PERSONAL DATA AREA OF JOBSX5, shall begin assessment of such request. Response times will depend upon workload at the PERSONAL DATA AREA OF JOBSX5, and effort will be made so that such times do not exceed 30 days. If fault or defect in the request is found, or if it is unclear or irregular, for one single occasion the holder or his representative shall be advised so that corrections or clarifications may be made, three days after notice of such resolution. C) EXAMINATION IN DEPTH Once the reply has been clarified or if not prevented, then a form assessment will take place, in order to solve under terms of law origin or not of the reply for access, correction, cancellation or opposition. Notice on the resolution will be sent to the holder. Resolution shall be without appeal at all times. Response times will depend upon workload at the PERSONAL DATA AREA OF JOBSX5, and effort will be made so that such times do not exceed 90 days. For that foreseen in this agreement, the Federal Code of Civil Procedure of the United Mexican States shall apply.


CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE OF JOBSX5 MEXICANA DE APLICACIONES Y CAPACITACION, SOCIEDADA ANONIMA DE CAPITAL VARIABLE, reserves the right to make changes to this privacy notice of jobsx5 that will be displayed at the website


ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF THE PRIVACY NOTICE OF JOBSX5 This privacy notice is part of a legally valid agreement; thus, it is hereby understood that you accept processing of your personal data if 5 days after acknowledging the privacy notice you do not oppose in accordance to that included in this notice. Updated July 28, 2014