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5 Mistakes to Avoid If you are a Freelancer


Freelancer: get rid of common mistakes

As we’ve been saying in other posts of this blog, being a freelancer has a lot of good points, but working that way requires a lot of effort, and a lot of cleverness. When you’re not counting on the specific guidelines of a company, that tell you exactly what to do or when, it can be difficult to get a good rhythm, to organize and do it everything as good as when you were working under certain rules. A lot of freelancers don’t know which are their new responsibilities or how to handle them.

As in everything, it’s necessary for the freelancer to have patience and keep learning and gaining experience, but in the meantime, we made a list with 5 common mistakes that a lot of freelancers do, so you can avoid them.

The superb freelancer

A lot of people decide to become freelancers because they can’t stand life in an office or because they feel unappreciated in their workspace. Freelancers know they worth and the kind of job they can do, and even though they’re quite sure about their abilities, but they must not become superb about them. Maybe you don’t have a boss anymore that tells you what to do with no reason, but you’ll have clients to meet and satisfy. If you don’t have empathy towards them, and learn how to be kind and responsible, you’ll son lose clients because of your pride. The relationship client-freelancer is something you must take good care of, where must be mutual respect.

The freelancer that is always available

At first, freelancers get used to be available 24/7, literally. Even though companies use to think that one of the advantages for hiring freelancers is the availability, it’s a fact that you should assign yourself rest hours, and you must not work on them. Besides, little by little you have to educate your clients so they don’t abuse of your absolute availability. Don’t start your freelancer career like that.

The freelancer that doesn’t charges what he’s worth

Unlike the superb freelancer, this one is afraid to collect the money he worth, or is too open with prices. In general, this kind of freelancer usually charges too little for complex works, or accept low prices because they fear they’ll never get more clients. The freelancer should always respect himself and give the right price to their works, profession and effort.

The freelancer that thinks as an employee

The moment you become a freelancer, you’re also an entrepreneur, not an employee. You’re not working under schedule, nor with a salary. Now you have your own business so make sure you’re making a good effort to get this business ahead. Do your best with every client, use your more productive hours to work, do anything that can help you stay creative, you don’t have to be in an office all day, so seize it.

The freelancer that doesn’t communicate

Sometimes, for fear of losing a client, the freelancer keeps a lot of questions and doubts. Make sure communication is efficient and direct with your clients, and when in doubt, make questions, cause doubts can become an awful work, or incomplete, because you didn’t understand what your client meant.

We hope that your freelancer experience becomes a happy one. Remember that in Jobsx5 you can start selling micro-jobs to clients that need your services.

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