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How to Increase your Sales of Micro-Jobs on Jobsx5

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Once you have created your micro-jobs on Jobsx5, it is moment to start selling them. Like in every business, sales are proportional to the marketing you make. You have to be creative and base your decisions on analysis. Remember everything on the internet is measurable and every new action has to be based on the results you got before. So if you ask your self ow to sell more micro-jobs, keep on reading, we have some money making suggestions.

Let’s study a few strategies you can use to improve your business on Jobsx5:

Social Websites– Use them as a public relations platform and as a media to share value content, you can use them to define yourself as an expert, but do not use them to send messages advertising your micro-jobs and their prices since people on social websites are not necessarily buying. You can use social webs to keep your name on people’s mind and later, people will introduce you to their friends as an expert of something. The effectiveness of social webs like Facebook or Twitter is based on their capacity to create credibility, that’s how they have to be used.


Paid Advertising on Social Websites– If you got the money, you can invest in advertising on social webs, it is very useful most of times, overall because it allows you to define the public you want to get to. Just remember, social webs like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter need you to pay for the adverts. If you analyze your public correctly, you will get to the people you want with a few adverts and you will have accomplished your goals with less money.


Blogging– A good way to demonstrate your knowledge and experience on a job is publishing about it on a good blog. If you can actually get to do a professional and consistent blog, writing the content that can provide with links or details about your job on Jobsx5 and how good you do it, you will be able to get more people interested on it and as a consequence, many more buyers.


Email Marketing– If you have a contact database, or prospects for your services, use it to send advertising and information about your micro-jobs on Jobsx5, just be aware of not becoming repetitive and boring since people will start to believe you are just more SPAM. Send emails to people that already accepted to receive them and do it frequently, but do not exaggerate.


There are many marketing options you can use to get your finances moving with your micro-jobs, plan your strategy and implement it with professionalism and consistence.


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