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Terms and Conditions
Last update: July 13, 2014 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF JOBSX5 FIST. OBJECT. MEXICANA DE APLICACIONES Y CAPACITACIÓN S.A DE C.V. operating through the website called JOBSX5, hereinafter referred to as JOBSX5 develops, operates and promotes a website offering a micro-job marketplace, hereinafter referred to as the MARKETPLACE, which serves as liaison between sellers, hereinafter referred to as SELLING USER and buyers, hereinafter referred to as BUYING USER of micro-jobs. Participants in this site may be individuals or legal entities, either of public, private or social right, in compliance with legislation of each country, which sell or hire a micro-job from the site. In order to sell or buy a micro-job, users should log into the site, login is personal and non-transferable. Upon visiting our website and accessing information, resources, services, products and tools we offer, the user adheres in a personal and binding manner, to the following terms and conditions, as they appear in these policies (hereinafter referred to as “User Agreement”), besides terms and conditions of jobsx5 included in our Privacy Policy Validity of this agreement is as of July 13, 2014 SECOND. CHANGES AND MODIFICATIONS. JOBSX5, reserves the right to modify this User Agreement from time to time, without previous notice. Therefore, user agrees that it is his responsibility to review this User Agreement from time to time to get familiar with changes. Continuous use of this site after such modifications take place will serve as acknowledgment and acceptance of terms and conditions amended. THIRD.- RESPONSIBLE USE AND CONDUCT. Upon visiting the site and accessing the JOBSX5 platform, , THE USER agrees to use the website only and exclusively for the development of the MARKETPLACE. The user expressly agrees to submit certain personal information to complete the registration process; therefore, the user agrees that all information submitted is correct and up to date, and binds to observe confidentiality of registration data linked to any account he uses to access to Records of JOBSX5. It is forbidden access or attempt to access any resources of JOBSX5, through means different from those we supply; likewise, it is forbidden to perform activities that distort or interfere with the Resources ofJOBSX5, including servers and/or networks in which our Any attempt to copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell, market or resale our Resources is strictly forbidden. The user is sole responsible, thus, any loss or damage that JOBSX5 might suffer or in which it may incur, directly or indirectly, resulting from any unauthorized activity of the user shall result in penal or civil responsibility thus releasing JOBSX5 from it. The user commits not to upload, publish, share or distribute content which is illegal, threatening, libelous, insulting, harassing, degrading, intimidating, fraudulent, deceiving, invasive, racist or containing provocative, inadequate or explicit vocabulary; infringing trade mark, patent, trade secret, copyright or any other property right of the parties; which contains unauthorized or not requested publicity in the site of JOBSX5. FOURTH. RIGHT OF EXCLUSION. JOBSX5, shall have exclusive criterion to eliminate content it deems not in compliance with this User Agreement, aside from any other content which it might consider offensive, damaging, rude, inaccurate, or which might infringe copyright or trade mark rights of a third party. The user grants consent and waives claim derived from changes to JOBSX5 regarding the aforementioned. The user releases JOBSX5 from any responsibility derived from content published by the user in the website. FIFTH. LICENSES. Content published using open communication tools of our website, provided it does not violate or infringe rights or copyright of third parties, is property of JOBSX5; therefore, in this act, user grants perpetual, irrevocable, international license with respect to patrimonial rights and/or copyright, as the case may be, to reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, publish, display publicly and/or distribute such material in favor of its respective interests. SIXTH. CONTRACTUAL PENALTY. The user agrees to indemnify and hold JOBSX5, its affiliates and personnel - either managerial or operating - free from losses, expenditures, damage and costs, including legal expenditures, resulting from violation of the User Agreement, or to the inability to comply with obligations linked to his account in which the user or any other person using the account might incur. Therefore, JOBSX5 reserves the right to take procedural actions with respect to claims from which it has right to indemnity as per the User Agreement. SEVENTH. PRIVACY NOTICE. JOBSX5, shall use personal data gathered here for its own and inherent activities described in this document, and thus it is entitled to transfer such information upon acceptance hereof. For more information regarding treatment of your data, please access full privacy notice at our website: as per these terms and conditions of Jobsx5 EIGHTH. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. All contents and materials available at the website, either texts, graphic, website name, code of images and logos are intellectual property of JOBSX5, and protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws, in accordance with law applicable in each country. Inadequate use, including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, display or transmittal of all contents of this site is strictly forbidden. NINNTH.- CEASE OF USE. JOBSX5, shall be entitled at any time to suspend or cancel access to all or some parts of our site and Resources, with or without previous notice and for any reason, including - but not limited to - breach to this User Agreement. Any activity suspicious of being illegal, fraudulent or insulting will suffice to terminate relationship and will be sent to applicable legal authorities. Upon suspension or termination of the relationship, your right to use Resources provided by us shall cease; furthermore, we reserve the right to eliminate or delete any information registered on our site, including account or registration information. TENTH. SCOPE OF SERVICES, This agreement does not give rise to partnership, mandate, franchise or labor relation between JOBSX5 and THE USER. THE USER acknowledges and accepts that JOBSX5 is neither part of any operation nor does it control the quality, security or legality of the MARKETPLACE. JOBSX5 cannot insure that a USER. XX falta texto en inglés y español ELEVENTH. - SYSTEM FAILURES, JOBSX5, shall not be responsible for damage, damage or loss to the User caused by system, server or Internet failure. JOBSX5 shall not be responsible of virus which might infect the User's equipment as consequence of access, use or examination of his website or due to transfer of data, file, images, text or audio contained in it. USERS MAY not file responsibility or demand payment derived from loss of earnings, derived from damage resulting from technical difficulties or failures in systems or the Internet. JOBSX5 does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted use and access to its site. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or to other circumstance unrelated to JOBSX5; under such circumstances, efforts will be made to reestablish it as quickly as possible but that shall not give rise to responsibility attributable to it. JOBSX5 shall not be responsible for errors or omissions included on its website. TWELFTH. LEGISLATION AND COMPETENT COURTS. For purposes of interpretation and compliance with this document, the user shall submit to the jurisdiction and competence of laws of Mexico, Federal District, and competent legislation thereof.